About Us

Our roots from the Massachusetts General Hospital and our Founders’ deep experience in Clinical Translation, Technology, and Commerce have set us on the path to success.

We hold a strong commitment to bringing high quality, meaningful products based on our proven micro-fluidics platform to Clinical Diagnostics, Cellular Therapy, and Life Sciences.

To ensure lean, rapid and quality development of our products, we have an ecosystem of strong and reliable partners, cultivated over a decade, and committed investors who share in our exceptional commitment to innovation and quality.


To be the premier and trusted choice for enriching biological samples.


Propel technological advances in Clinical Diagnostics, Cellular Therapy, and Life Sciences using a highly precise and automated microfluidic platform for cellular isolation.


There is work, and then there is our life’s work
The kind of work that questions what exists, and strives to create what should exist
The kind of work for which we would walk the extra mile and never compromise
The kind of work where you don’t play it safe, and strive to be a change agent
We do that kind of work at MicroMedicine.